About Jovia-Task

Work productivity is the key to success in any business. Jovia-Task gives the opportunity to access task and a to-do list at any time, from anywhere. In short, it becomes your task manager and helps to manage work in real-time. Jovia-Task  helps you manage your entire field sales team by tracking their activities, travel, meetings, and more. It keeps you in the loop of everything you want to know and makes your field sales an efficient unit. Jovia-Task is a mobile Field Force Management Solution that helps manage your field operations in real-time. Jovia-Task provides visibility from “The Road to the Board” with features like jobs & scheduling, location & tracking, forms and more.

Our Features

Task Management

Jovia-Task contains all the features you need to manage your task on the field, whatever the industry you work in. Discover how we can help.

Field Task Assistance

The essential features required to provide better field task assistance with visit and attendance management.

Employee Performance Analysis

Analytical reports to measure your employee’s performance.

Holidays At Work

Work holidays can be included on the platform. On these days, employee and his tasks will not be tracked. Moreover, task cannot be allocated to the employee.

Ultimate Geo zone

Jovia-Task enables remote monitoring of geographic areas surrounded by a geofence, and automatic detections when employees enter or exit these areas.


Create POI on the map, it will help to represent interesting and important locations to the employee. It will also notify when employees reach or pass or overstay in this area.

User Hierarchy

All the users are managed properly. The platform has data of admin, reseller, company and employee.

Follow Employees On Duty

Company can use follow to track an employee and continue with other activities on the platform at the same time. It enables to track multiple employees at a time.

Optional Map Layers

The platform provides multiple map choices. It enables you to get a full set of web maps. Provides latest map features for better usability.

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