About Jovia-Logistics

Jovia-Logistics , a Transportation management software that not only tracks your logistics or consignments but also useful for your asset tracking. It executes and controls the turnaround stream and capacity of merchandise. Our product creates opportunities for expanding the global economy for transportation and distribution companies. It manages all the activity like transportation arrangements, inventory management, order entry, tour planning, fleet management and also provide the ocean, air as well as ground shipments consolidations.

Our Features

Consignment Monitoring

Efficiently track your assets throughout its way with consignment monitoring. Get all the details of your consignment till it’s delivered.

Fleet Utilization

Know the fleet and its trip. Monitor your fleet and it’s driver performance throughout the trip.

Expense Management

Easily manage expenses of fuel and maintenance. Get reports of your previous expenses for better understanding. Thus, your previous and present expenses can be compared if you require.

Third Party Integration

Jovia-Logistics provides effective measures for planning and managing data related to your business. ERP and SAP is used to allow you to track your business and customer requirements.

Driver Allocation

Allocate any driver to your fleet from anywhere. You won’t have to personally go to the field for assigning the driver for a particular vehicle.

Real-Time Notification

Provide real-time notification when your delivery process start or end, wrong route, border crossing or reached the destination, Ignition On/Off and more.

Customisable I/O For Your Assets

The portable devices are available to reduce the work of installing the system every time. These devices can be removed and placed easily.

Driving Performance

Driver of particular asset can verify all the document online for better management. It also helps to rate the driving performance by monitoring driving behaviours.

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