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(Jovia GPS LTD) It is a British company based in London registered under registration number (14383498). It is also registered in each of the following countries: Ethiopia, Tanzania, Sudan, and operates through agents in Morocco, Chad, Yemen, Iraq, and the Sultanate of Oman. The company specializes in the field of military defense systems and satellite tracking systems. All software has been programmed and its systems built or modified by the company. Jovia Soft / www.joviasoft.com or in its favour It is the technical wing of the group. Jovia GPS LTD It is a company specialized in the field of satellite tracking of all kinds (tracking vehicles, living organisms, generators, movable assets, fixed assets, tracking agricultural projects and cultivated areas, tracking agricultural assets such as automatic axes and machine guns, tracking children, tracking regular forces). Jovia GPS LTD It is a qualified and approved company by the University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom as a primary supplier of technological devices in satellite tracking research projects and studies. Jovia GPS - Sudan Office It is the agent of the company in Africa, the Sudan office, and it is the one that won a contract to track all the vehicles and assets of the Bank of Khartoum (one of the oldest banks in Sudan, more than 100 years old) with a 10-year contract, to be the only company responsible for securing all liquidity transport vehicles in all branches of the Bank of Khartoum ( Barclays Bank was previously (inside Sudan) (+100 branches), in addition to the Livestock Bank, for example, but not limited to. She holds a license from the Postal and Telecommunications Authority to practice vehicle tracking activity in several Arab and African countries, including Morocco and Sudan. Authorized distributor in Sudan for Teltonika GPS It is a Lithuanian company that is more than 24 years old and is on the throne of tracking device manufacturers in Europe and the world. Jovia has several partnerships with Turkish, Chinese, Russian and Vietnamese tracking device manufacturers.

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